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We strive to support the endeavor of Digital Transformation for Research & Applied Healthcare

Digital Therapeutics

DigiHospice- Digital Therapeutic Platform for Palliative Care Community.

Software as a Service

Blood Banks Plus- SaaS for Digital Integrated Blood Banking Ecosystem Management e-SBMS- SaaS for Clinical Sample Banking & Storage Management e- TRMS- SaaS for Trainings Resources Management System

Enterprise Softwares

ICLDMAS- Integrated Clinical Lab Data Management & Analysis System IRRMS- Integrated Research Resources Management System

Software Portfolio

CLDMAS- Clinical Lab Data Management & Analysis System CLERMS- Critical Lab Equipments Remote Monitoring System Digilabdocs- Electronic Lab Data & Documents Management System


Our Biosurveillance solution integrates labs across different geographic locations to enhance monitoring capabilities. Each laboratory in the network is automated with lab-specific end-to-end workflow and operations management, supported click here


The Clinical Lab Data Management & Analysis System (CLDMAS) is equipped to map UI based protocols, tests, SOP’s and reports specifically to follow the standard operating protocols for pathogen based testing, tracking, reporting and monitoring in real


Sysbiome's Sample Banking Management System is a laboratory sample security and storage management system that enables labs to efficiently organize biological and non-biological specimens, including tissue, blood, and cells. The system provides


The laboratory Samples and Material Management system relies upon arrey of temperature and humidity controlled equipments. Any malfunction in the equipment may result in biohazardous situation and also loss of valuable laboratory

Bloodbanks Plus

Blood Banks Plus is an all-in-one solution for managing blood bank data through a public interface software system that includes an inbuilt Haemovigilance system. The solution offers various features such as Relationship Management, which includes Inter Blood


Sysbiome Technologies software tool to manage Cohort studies in healthcare segment is a landmark in comprehensive data and process management of studies, may it be in facility study, field study, survey programmes, surveillance programmes, mix study programme,

Blood Bank Pro

Blood Bank Pro is a comprehensive software solution to manage the critical processes of blood banks management. The dual interface of the software not only enables the blood bank management to manage the facility efficiently in an audit ready environment


Electronic Research Projects Information Management System (eRPIMS) is comprehensive software tool to manage all the Research projects in any Healthcare or Core Research and Development Institutes. The System manages all the aspects of inhouse project


digi‐labdocs is an exceptionally user friendly online solution to convert your lab into a paperless setup. The solution manages the Laboratory documents, User documents, User Schedules, Results and Reports, roles based accessibility


Instruments Plus is the software solution for the labs, Facilities and companies with multiple number of sophisticated instrumentsThe Solution is designed for the seamless management of Basics of Instruments,


The software e-PRMS (Electronic Physical Records Management System) is the in-house development to comprehensively manage the record keeping and movement tracking of all physical documents of any organization. The software comes with three


Under the Digital Therapeutics initiative, Sysbiome Technologies has designed a comprehensive End to End Digital Therapeutics Platform Infrastructure for delivery of state of the art care system for Terminally Ill Patients


Built to protect healthcare workers handling the patient, visitors and environment from transmission of infectious agents.   Turnkey establishment or up gradation of Isolation ward integrated in the hospital building facility or in array of customized container


In today's world, ensuring the security of institutes and organizations has become a paramount concern. With the growing need to manage various aspects of security and operations, implementing comprehensive management systems has become essential.

Our management philosophy values people as our greatest assets, prioritizing effective communication and strong interpersonal relations. Our caring and future-oriented management team ensures well-organized and flexible planning and programming. Our commitment to our ethos guarantees our consistent dedication to delivering our best in every project.


Team Sysbiome is a highly motivated and focused team that delivers high-quality work while adhering to global guidelines, policies, and practices. We prioritize fair and true dealings with employees, clients, vendors, and partners, fostering strong relationships. Our dependability, drive, and integrity make us a trusted choice for organizations and esteemed clients. We take pride in our accomplishments and strive to build upon them daily.


Healthcare Process Automation Research Process Automation Healthcare Infrastructure

business philosophy

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Our business philosophy revolves around conducting thorough process analysis to identify gaps and efficiently fill them through research.

We constantly strive to incorporate the latest and secure technologies in our services, ensuring unmatched quality for our clients.

How we do it

Our team consists of Business Analysts with a science background who possess a deep understanding of the subject matter. We excel at comprehending the needs and language of our scientific audience, effectively translating requirements to software analysts. This enables us to deliver user-friendly systems that seamlessly adapt to our clients' working conditions.

Innovation Principles

We prioritize innovation as a disciplined approach, actively seeking new opportunities in an organized and systematic manner. Our comprehensive approach to innovation is customer-centric, with our INNODROME Innovation Centre serving as a collaborative platform. We believe that innovation is achieved through collective efforts, encouraging participation from both within and outside the company to contribute to our innovative endeavors.

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Welcome to Sysbiome Technologies' Internship Program. We offer a dynamic and enriching experience for aspiring professionals. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work alongside our talented team, gaining hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies and industry practices. We foster a collaborative and supportive environment, encouraging personal and professional growth.



At Sysbiome Technologies, we offer a dynamic and rewarding career environment. We value innovation, collaboration, and personal growth. Join our talented team and contribute to cutting-edge research and development projects. With a focus on leveraging the latest technologies, we strive to make a positive impact in the world. Build your career with us and be part of our mission to transform industries and improve lives.


Welcome, investors. We are dedicated to maximizing returns and creating long-term value. Our strategic approach focuses on leveraging market opportunities and optimizing operational efficiency. With a strong track record of success and a commitment to transparency, we aim to deliver sustainable growth and attractive investment opportunities. Join us in our journey towards mutual prosperity.