CLDMAS for Labs

The Clinical Lab Data Management & Analysis System (CLDMAS) is equipped to map UI based protocols, tests, SOP’s and reports specifically to follow the standard operating protocols for pathogen based testing, tracking, reporting and monitoring in real time environment.
Software Features
  • Sample Source Management
  • Outbreak samples data management
  • Flexible sample barcoding to facilitate sample coding for all the possible sample types
  • Processing of Biosafety sample
  • Standard and Lab SOP / Protocol Management
  • Sub Sample Management with comprehensive sample and sub samples parent child relationship.
  • Test protocol management
  • Samples Workflow Management with lab allocation, test allocation, analyst allocation, Resulting, approvals and reporting with actual process tracking at any point of time
  • Retesting and repeat testing on residual samples and recalls from sample storage
  • Sample Storage Management with vials, racks and containers management inline with requirements of both vertical and horizontal storage
  • Dual layer reporting mechanism supporting custom reporting.
  • Clinical population studies data analysis system based on the archival of the population data with charting and MIS features
  • Complete Electronic Storage of data & reporting
  • Data Filtration on user defined parameters
  • Seamless integration with spreadsheet(excel) formats
  • Comprehensive customizable data analysis ranging from a single sample or patient or to complete array of the database
  • Generation of various type of Graphs and Charts