Critical Equipments Monitoring System


The laboratory Samples and Material Management system relies upon arrey of temperature and humidity controlled equipments. Any malfunction in the equipment may result in biohazardous situation and also loss of valuable laboratory resources. The Critical Equipments Monitoring System (CEMS) is designed as a continuous Monitoring and remote alarm system to facilitate such Laboratories

CEMS is configured as stand alone GSM based Telemetry unit  constantly monitor various parameters of Lab Equipments. The system will monitor the lab equipments in a lab in realtime environment and remotely manages Alarm conditions.

The basic equipments parameters measured by the system are: temp, rh & pressure of Various Deep Freezers, Incubators, hot air ovens etc.

Send email of recorded data files and alarm emails to 5 mail accounts.

Create time interval log on cloud

Send alarm SMS during alarm condition to 5 GSM phone numbers.

On demand, receive current reading SMS on GSM phone numbers.

Activation of external device such as hooter during alarm condition.

Common display for checking current reading of all the equipments at a single point in the facility.