SBMS with Sample security system


Sysbiome’s Sample Banking Management System is a laboratory sample security and storage management system that enables labs to efficiently organize biological and non-biological specimens, including tissue, blood, and cells. The system provides secure access control, sample tracking, storage, retrieval, and reporting. The e-SBMS workflow includes sample registration, aliquoting, barcoding/RFID coding, sample listing, automatic/manual grid vial allocation, storage chamber allocation, access grant, sample movement and handling protocol, sample release, sample discard management, sample processing, and reporting.

Whether your biobank has a single storage location or multiple storage locations, Sysbiome’s storage management functionality allows your team to define multiple storage locations, including details on the environment, capacity, and a graphical view of reserved, allocated, and available slots. Each sample is allocated a storage location, and an environment audit can be carried out against a storage location to assess the viability of each sample. The biobank is equipped with an array of long-range RFID scanners that alert and alarm unauthorized movement of samples from restricted equipment or areas, enabling controlled hazardous samples management in accordance with biobank’s biosecurity protocols.