Blood Banks Plus with Haemovigilance

Blood banks Plus

Blood Banks Plus is an all-in-one solution for managing blood bank data through a public interface software system that includes an inbuilt Haemovigilance system. The solution offers various features such as Relationship Management, which includes Inter Blood Banks, Blood Banks and Hospitals, Blood Banks and Industry/Research Organisations, Blood Banks and Audit Agencies, Blood Banks and Voluntary Donors, Blood Banks and Governing Bodies, and Blood Banks and donor database. The public interface portal and tele-centre provide a comprehensive display of the stock position of blood and blood products of all blood banks. In case of non-availability of blood in a particular blood bank, the walk-in requester can check the availability status from any of the blood banks.

The solution also helps in balancing blood stock and reducing wastage of blood and blood products through excess and shortage status posting. It checks illegal/professional donation through a biometric database of donors for the geography, limiting the donors to maintain donation gap, temporary deferment, and permanent deferment. The solution also offers comprehensive national voluntary and actual donor databasing, online/telephonic/SMS-based blood and components searching, donor registration, blood booking, and optional bulk blood delivery system. It also provides comprehensive management of special recipients like thalassemia with no dependency on a single blood bank. The solution is integrated with a Haemovigilance system that includes

  • Donor Deferment Statistics Report
  • In Donation Process ADR Reporting
  • Post Donation ADR Reporting
  • ATR Reporting during transfusion
  • ATR Reporting after transfusion
and Auditable Blood Banks Process Management