Introducing e-Trainings Resources Management Software!
Our advanced software is designed to efficiently manage training programs for both external participants and internal candidates. With its comprehensive features, our system streamlines the entire lifecycle of attendees, ensuring a seamless training experience. Let me walk you through the key functionalities:

  • Record Selection and Invitation: The software enables you to easily record and select candidates for training. Once selected, it automates the process of issuing invitation letters to ensure timely communication.
  • Candidate Reporting: Gain insights into candidate progress and performance through detailed reporting. The software provides comprehensive analytics and metrics to track individual trainee development.
  • Instructor and Topic Management: Manage instructors and training topics effortlessly. Our software allows you to assign instructors to specific courses and maintain an organized catalog of training topics
  • Training Literature Management: Keep all training materials organized and easily accessible. Our software provides a central repository for training resources, making it convenient for both trainers and trainees to access relevant materials.
  • Training Extension and Resignation Management: Handle training extensions and trainee resignations efficiently. Our software automates the process, ensuring smooth communication and appropriate adjustments to training schedules.
  • Trainee Project Report Archiving: Maintain a comprehensive record of trainee project reports for future reference and evaluation purposes. Our software provides a secure and easily searchable archive for these important documents.
  • Training Completion Certificates: Generate and manage training completion certificates effortlessly. Our software allows you to quickly issue certificates to all successful trainees, enhancing their professional credentials.
  • Trainee Details Archiving: Safely store trainee details for future reference. Our software ensures that all trainee information is securely archived for compliance and reporting purposes.

For organizations looking to manage employee training, our software provides additional features tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Annual Training Budget Master: Efficiently manage your organization’s training budget by setting and tracking annual training allocations.
  • Training Program Display: Easily showcase internal and external training programs in a user-friendly dashboard for employees to explore and enroll in.
  • Training Request Generation: Empower employees to generate training requests, whether from a pre-approved list or by submitting new training proposals.
  • Approvals: Streamline the approval process by implementing customizable approval workflows based on your organization’s guidelines and policies.
  • Candidate Nomination: Facilitate the nomination process for training programs, ensuring employees are selected based on their skills and potential.
  • Training Charges and Payments: Seamlessly manage training charges and payments, allowing for accurate tracking of costs and timely financial transactions.
  • Training Amendments: Handle any necessary modifications or adjustments to training programs, rescheduling sessions or making content updates easily.
  • Training Completion Reporting: Access comprehensive reports on training completion rates and outcomes, providing valuable insights for performance evaluations and organizational improvement.
  • Literature Archiving: Maintain a centralized library of training literature, ensuring easy access to reference materials and enhancing knowledge sharing.
  • Institutional Decision Support: Leverage our software’s decision support capabilities to assist in selecting employees for specific roles based on their training skill sets. Make informed decisions to enhance your workforce’s capabilities.

With e-Trainings Resources Management Software, you can streamline your training processes, improve efficiency, and enhance the professional development of your employees. Let our software take your training management to the next level!