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Laboratory Furnishing

Sysbiome Technologies CAD Design professionals custom design the laboratory furnishing layouts and get the custom made Laboratory furniture’s, fume hoods, Biosafety cabinets, storage cabinets with flexible shelf’s, work benches, Air exhaust systems, Water and waste water handling systems, sinks etc.

The Technology

The Designing is done on CAD and digital-precision is maintained. As a single unit Lab Furniture’s assembled freely with a better formation to fit into your lab space. All the furnishing is with good weight bearing, long lifetime and excellent cost performance facilities. It completely meets your space requirement for laboratory.

The steel and wood lab bench includes two kinds of structure- H-frame and C-frame. H-frame works better with heavy bearing.

The workstation body is using selected 1 mm thickness 304/316 grade first-class cold/galvanized steel sheets. Automatic skimmers are used for forming, phosphate and pickling treatment for surface, epoxy resin powder, no prominent section block, smooth charm, outstanding acid-proof and alkali-proof performance.

Worktop choice is lab-grade phenolic resins worktop, epoxy resin worktop, ceramic worktop, artificial stone worktop and stainless steel as worktop.

The Base Feet is Stainless steel and rubber adjustable feet. It is Moisture, slip, and corrosion proof. The feet come with shock absorbing function and have better weight bearing capacities.

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