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Gene Ex… : Self Contained Customised/ Prefabricated Gene Amplification Lab

Gene Ex... is comprehensive turnkey Gene Amplification and analysis Laboratory solution available with well defined and segregated areas for Amplification and Analysis.

The Lab is divided into

• Reagent Preparation area.
• Sample Preparation area.
• Amplification and analysis area.

The Lab is available in various structures as

1. Prefabricated Laboratory
2. Customised laboratory
3. Mobile Laboratory

Key Features

• State of art spacious and ergonomic design complying with GLP standards
• Rapidly transportable and deployable design with preinstalled instruments and work spaces (Flexibility of our or user defined technical specifications)
• Divided into Three separate and isolated work areas Reagent Preparation, Sample Preparation and Analysis area with ant locking UV protected transfer between each
• Complete Instrumentation of International Standards
• User Choice of Typical PCR or Real-time PCR environment setup
• Unidirectional workflow
• Controlled Airflow and air pressure
• Inner Surface walls are of Aluminium Alloy or Galvanized Steel with protection cote for longer life
• All wall joints are coved for easy cleaning
• Electronic sensor based Wash tanks
• Internal Partitions of high density Glass sealed with RTV silicon sealant
• Air conditioning with separate ducting work
• Extra work benches in each lab area
• All stainless steel workbenches
• Ample storage space
• Controlled access Card entry system for main door
• Remote/ PC operated fully integrated Electrical fittings
• HEPA filter exhaust system with 99.97% efficiency for 0.3 micron particle size
• Provision of Telephone/Broadband/Electrical sockets
• Wi-Fi/ CAT 6 Connectivity Compliant
• U V Lamps to avoid cross contamination
• Complete Operations Documents Provided

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