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Records Digitization is the concept of converting conventional paper data into electronic format through process of high throughput scanning.

Document management is a process taken with document within an organization, with respect to the creation, distribution and Expiry of documents.

There are five components of Documents Management that are taken care during digitization process

• Storing and archiving methods
• Indexing and retrieving tools for document search
• Distribution for exporting documents from the systems
• Security to protect documents from authorized access (if stored in electronic format)
• Audit trails

The Scanning is carried out by high speed scanners with scan speed ranging from 10 to 300 pages with 100% scanning scale between 200-600 dpi

• Bit depth: This consideration in view of possible number of color combinations in the documents.

• Compression: TIFF G4 format is generally adopted as archiving format. TIFF Group 3, JPG, BMP, and GIF compression.

• Exposure: This denotes the brightness and contrast of an image. Brightness upto 130 and contrast upto 80 is adjusted for exposure.

Archiving & Indexing

• OCR: Optical Character Recognition- for printed material(in this case scanning at 300 dpi is recommended)

• Zone OCR: Zone OCR enables automated document indexing that reads certain regions (zones) of a document and then places information into the appropriate index template fields

The Scans are subjected to:

• Through Indexing & Retrieval
• Full Text Indexing & Retrieval
• Folder File Structure indexing & Retrieval

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