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Datalogging Technology Integration

Data Logging is the technology commonly used for monitoring temperature, relative humidity (RH), mV, mA, Rain, Voltages, Flow, Level, Pressure, etc.

We have designed the Integrated Datalogging services for management of Critical Laboratory Equipments and controlled condition areas called CEMS- Critical Equipments Monitoring System.

The CEMS system is integrated into the critical equipments as Sample banking freezers, Reagent & Kits storage Sections, Deep Freezers, Incubators, BSL areas, Controlled condition laboratories, Animal Houses etc to record the timed interval condition data.

In case of alarm or emergency conditions the CEMS system sends SMS to designated mobile numbers at regular intervals till the emergency condition becomes normal.

Sysbiome have developed the competency to integrate various types of datalogger and custom design the solution as per the requirement of the clients.

The Integrated system depending upon the requirement will be configured with e mail, SMS & MIS services.

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