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Biometric Technology Integration

The word "biometrics" is derived from the Greek words 'bios' and ‘metric’; which means life and measurement, directly translates into "life measurement".

In the contemporary computer science applications, the term "life measurement" is perceived differently. Biometrics in the high technology sector refers to a particular class of identification technologies. These technologies use an individual's unique biological traits to determine one's identity. The traits that are considered include fingerprints, retina and iris patterns, facial characteristics and many more.

There are basically two types of biometrics:

• Behavioral biometrics
• Physical biometrics

Behavioral biometrics basically measures the characteristics which are acquired naturally over a time. It is generally used for verification. Some typical examples of behavioral biometrics

• Voice Recognition
• Signature Analysis
• Keystroke Analysis

Physical biometrics measures the inherent physical characteristics on an individual. It can be used for either identification or verification. Some examples of Physical biometrics

• Fingerprint - analyzing fingertip patterns
• Facial Recognition - measuring facial characteristics
• Hand Geometry - measuring the shape of the hand
• Iris Scan - analyzing features of colored ring of the eye
• Retinal Scan - analyzing blood vessels in the eye
• Vascular Patterns - analyzing vein patterns
• DNA - analyzing genetic makeup

With the advent of modern Imaging technologies the analysis of conventional biometric identification tool as Fingerprint and others has automatized manifolds as of availability of high throughput scanners.

Sysbiome Technologies works in the field of Biometric scanner hardware with application specific software and technology integration. We are using Biometric technology integrated in our software’s as well as customized applications for identification and access control purpose.

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